1. For School Pick & Drop (Aug-June), students will be charged for full month fee, whether there are any holidays i.e. Eid Holidays, winter vacations, summer vacations etc.

2. For School Pick & Drop (July), students will not be charged for service fee.

3. New Student Transport services that commences after 15th of the month will be charged as half month fee.

4. In case of discontinue of service, intimate 15 days before.

5. 7 passengers will be required to start a route.

6. Transport Payment will be in advance and Challan will generate on 25th of every month. If not received challan kindly intimate us before 30th. Due date is 10th of next month.

7. In case of non-payment of your dues on time, Calls, SMS & Email alerts will be send & 50 Rs. Per day fine will be imposed. After 10 of next month if not paid then your services will be disconnected.

8. Any Student will not come for 1 week without notice considered as terminated from transport.

9. In case of address change Guardian / Passenger should notify the Customer Care well before time.

10. Route Management will be sole responsibility of BTS Operation Department.

11. Pick & Drop timings are subject to change incase of new registration of students.

12. BTS reserves the rights to change its fleet, time, drivers.

13. Passenger Time will be allocated by Baig Transport. Captain of Vehicle can wait only 2 minutes of your allocated time.

14. Complaints can entertained on top priority bases.

15. Customers are not allowed to make harsh language to captains.

16. Drinking & Eating are not allowed on vehicle

17. Parents are liable for any damage done in vehicle through the action of their child.

18. Emergency No mention in your registration query should be on at pick & drop timing. If your cell is not reachable at pick & drop time. Baig Transport will not take any responsibility of Passenger.

19. Transport Charges will be annually increase by 3 %.

20. Rs. 25 Service Charges is mandatory for all passenger using Baig Transport. If you want to avoid these charges then follow these steps:

1. Share your email with us and Transport voucher will be sent via email.
2. Deposit your fee through online transfer or Deposit Slip.
3. WhatsApp your Payment Transaction to our Finance Number. 0300-0457707

21. Complaints are entertained on top priority basis. Our Helpline Number (0304-111-0-287) Timings are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (Monday -Friday).

22. Baig Transport is customer oriented organization. We welcome your suggestion to improve the system. Kindly send your suggestions to

23. It is highly recommend that WhatsApp your Child School Name, Full Child Name, Email and active Cell number to our Customer Care WhatsApp number 0300-0503707 or email at